Tuesday, July 31, 2007

five quick pics.

just a quick post of some happenings here in garro land. first, a pic of denis r.'s bike out of the jig during an alignment check. just a good old 26" wheel mountain bike going down to tempe. lookin' good! and, here's a funny one! while juan was here today working on his bike one of the original inhabitants of mountain dell, an old basque guy, came over looking for his sheep, which were eating the grass in our yard. he asked in spanish if he could herd them into the shop {!!!} to catch them, and i told him in spanish that the back yard would be easier. well, right away he drafts juan into helping him catch his sheep and has him lead the boss sheep back to his house all the way across the dell, much against the sheep's wishes. i think juan learned more about herding sheep this morning the in the whole rest of his life! funny stuff! and, a few shots boating with denise and the dogs out at ashurst lake, some beautiful clouds over mormon mountain, but sadly, only one trout. and, a pic of one of our flower gardens, with the daily rains they have sure been happy. here's some black-eyed-susans, wild geraniums and lilies. awesome. later ya'll, steve.


devin said...

You are having to much fun...

Andrew, Meg & the boys said...

That's not a sheep... actually it might be a sheep, but one that's been ingesting the same nutritional supplements as its fellow Basque, Iban Mayo.

Beautiful sweep on that top-tube, Steve.

A, M, M + J

Japhy rider said...

no dearth of ample entertainment on the Garro Channel!

braze on,
Japhy rider