Sunday, July 15, 2007

first ride in a while, nice to be in the woods!

had a great ride in the forest yesterday, it had been two weeks since i had been out in the woods and i was jonesing for a ride, and, my body really hurts if i don't go riding. as soon as we hit dirt, it looked like everybody in the southwestern u.s. had decided that drylake hills was THE place to be that day! so be it, at least they are out there hopefully enjoying our beautiful scenery, staying healthy, improving their attitudes and not burning the forest down {BIG hopefully on the last two for sure....} there were folks biking, running, walking, gawking, everything. good for them. enjoy flagstaff, support local buisnessess, visit a bike shop, eat good food, have a beer, tip well. anyway, we went up weatherford trail, only seeing two riders the whole way who stopped to chat. from there i got my first shot at lookout this year, cleaning several obstacles for the first time on the armbike - i even made "the slot", pictured here. didn't see anyone on this trail. the ferns are having a good year with the rain from the last three days helping to green them up alot. i love the smell of ferns! at the bottom we cut down the old pipe connector trail to schultz so the dogs could wallow in the pools at the top of the "creek", circling around the south of schultz tank back to the car. we must have seen twenty mountainbikers on this short section, who were all really fired up to see me out. rock on, ya'll, see you out there, steve.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve - Congrats on cleaning the slot - that looks like a sick piece of trail. It is such a high to clear tough patch of trail -

I was out riding Sat evening this weekend - didn't get out on the bike until 7:30 or so - got back to my car at 9pm (dark the last twenty minutes or so). The fading light created lots of pinks and purples, giving the trails I ride every week a new texture and appearance. It was beautiful. Nothing like a good ride. Have a great week - Brad in San Diego