Thursday, July 12, 2007

excellent water - based vacation!

back in the shop today after a week on the mississippi with denise's entire side of the family in trempeleau, wisconsin. thanks for coming out, everyone! a great time was had by all! although there was much water skiing, tubing and such, i spent the entire time either fishing with as many of the family as i could of paddling our kayak with denise. the kayak traveled flawlessly, being checked in for free on both ends of the trip with no problems at all! what a sweet deal! try that with two people's bikes and see what it costs......the mighty mississippi was fun to paddle, but the much tinier and shady trempeleau river was really cool too. we saw hawks, owls, eagles, ospreys, turtles and deer on our floats, and paddled through a school of big garr at one point. totally beautiful and peaceful. fishing was bountiful, catching many panfish during the day and big channel cats in the evening. i caught this 10" bluegill, the biggest the family has seen in tremps in some 30-odd years of fishing! that's good fun, there! also spent a morning with brother-in-law joe baitin' hooks and netting bluegils for two of the 7-year old nieces, what a hoot! now, back to the grind, quite literally, i have jeni c.'s bike to polish up, add brazeons and send to paint. should be done in a couple of days! later, steve.

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Japhy rider said...

great to see your family is so totally normal! sounds like an excellent trip.