Tuesday, July 24, 2007

biking off!

jeff t.'s bike is all brazed up, and lookin' nice! the s-bend stays REALLY came out nice! also, here is a before-and-after shot of the seatube junction, polishing is by far the most time consuming of my job titles. sure looks cool when it's done! and, a shot of one worked over coconino. it's back for a new paint job, and i think i'll throw a chainstay brace on it and fix the chainsuck damage. it was one of the first 10 frames i built, i think. and, only got in a short ride before the rain the other day, up dogfood and down schultz. barely beat the rain, it's been raining every day to some extent, some days a little, some days ALOT. monsoons is definately a beautiful season in northern arizona. later, steve.


Andrew, Meg, Momo + Jozsi said...

Looking good, Steve! I remember watching you polishing up the welds on some lucky guy's cyclocross frame in April '06 when I was last out there. Impressive. Have a nice couple of pics, will send them out with Meg.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
Nothing like steel: beat it up, paint it, good as new! Try that with carbon fiber.
-Brad in San Diego