Monday, June 25, 2007

whew! FINALLY got this frame done!

finally got jen d.'s frame done! this thing really tried to kick my ass - s&s couplers,two-piece hand made, hand bent seatstays, full touring braze-ons, whew, that's alot of hand work! price for one of these babies - no fork - about $1775. but, i really sweated the details on it, and, man, is it straight and tight. the two pieces go together just perfectly. check out the size taken apart: that's a 2' ruler in the picture! almost overhead stowaway! now, next, another bike just like it. it seems like all the recent builds have been really technical and time consuming, these two frames and the double toptube bike before them. i guess that's why they call it "custom". also, thanks to all you folks from around the world who chimed in on the last post, that got me pretty stoked! and, thanks from those of you who asked how my progress walking is coming along. it's getting better. i don't think i have any great neurological gains coming my way any more, maybe just really small ones, but my stamina walking and standing are getting better and better, and i can get up off the ground by myself and stand unassisted. i'll elaborate more when i get my cool new carbon fiber leg brace soon! thanks for reading, steve.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! Beautiful work as always. Can't wait to see it painted and stickered-up.

I've gotta get in line soon:)

Brad G.