Saturday, June 02, 2007

three nice days at lees ferry

just got back from 3 days paddling, fishing and floating on the colorado river at lees ferry, a relaxing time! days in the mid 90's, real nice a foot above the water where we sit in the kayak. i think we were the only people camping on the river, although there were some day trippers. paddling upriver against the flows is HARD but going back down is a freebie. went to 6 mile camp the 1st day, then to 9 mile camp the 2nd where we pitched our tent to save the spot and continued up to below the powerlines. did some walking around in the desert - hard work for me! man, i was sweating like a whore in church! check out this yucca bloom, just past prime, when it was covered with white blossoms. all those green pods are full of seeds. this is the agave's last big finale, it has lived 35-55 years or so, then goes all out and then dies. caught some great trout this trip! trout hour'dourves with cold beers at the end of the day. a really nice vacation, we were not ready to come home! steve.


mimbres man said...

Nice! Heyduke lives!
Definately I'd like to do that with you an Denise some day.
Here in the Caribbean, the air temp can be in the high 30's C, but like you say, with your butt below the waterline, temp in the cockpit is nice. I wear a long sleeve lycra shirt and a big brimmed hat because I learned the hard way how harsh the tropical sun is.
Keep it up Steve!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Great photos. I dreamed I visited you inFlag and picked up a red-brown cyclocrossy 29er frame from you last night.

John in Canada

stableatspeed said...

What an absolutely beautiful trip! Your pics are great. Mark and I just did a couple days in the Black Rock you and Denise would have loved. Look forward to seeing you later this week for more fun and adventure!