Monday, June 04, 2007

cruiser done, some notes on framebuilding.

got juan's cruiser done, looks sweet! i'm always glad to be able to sit back and see the finished product on one of the double top tube numbers. been talking to alot of other framebuilders and it seems that they are all rocking as well. cool stuff! it seems that the cycling community has realised the value of a quality handbuilt bicycle! so, anyway, i've come to the point where i'm only commiting to 2 bikes a month, putting me out 10 months. with all the handmade details like 2-piece seatstays, seattube sleeves, and swoopy seatstay and chainstay braces and my commitment to coconino quality, as well as my on-going therapy and the need to do fun outdoor stuff and building complete bikes and custom wheelsets makes me realize that this is an obtainable goal, one that i will probally exceed. we are here for a few more days, then we will be going to southern utah for 5 days for a coconino powwow with the reno crew. rock on, thanks for reading! steve.


devin said...

That is one pretty drop out.. Glad to see you are having a good summer,,..

mimbres man said...

Its good you are finding a balance between life and work. Not many people (can) do that.

That said...Beautiful frame!