Saturday, May 26, 2007

some cool things the last few days

got to do some fun stuff the last couple of days, took some time off before the memorial day madness hit. gonna bunker down for all that crazyness. yesterday we went uphill until we got shut down by snow on the northern well tracks in the inner basin of the peaks to flagstaff spring at 10,600 ft, climbing 2000 ft from lockett meadow in a little less then four miles. i feel a bit cooked today! we promised the dogs we would take them up to roll in the snow, and they were STOKED! up at this altitude there are alot of really cool plants left over from the ice age retreat that are only found far away, or, nowhere else at all. we even have grouse! so, anyway, we saw these fairyslipper orchids! super cool! it made my day. and, the day before after work dan b. and me went to ashurst lake in the canoe fishing, and caught some trout. so many great things to do in flag, so little time, steve.


Brendan said...

Wow guys, looks like a weekend well spent! and a great place to live.

Eugene said...

Eug here. Thanks so much for keeping your blog rocking. I love checking in on you and always finding rad pictures stories and life that remind me of home.

Alpine trail is open. A few big trees down up top and a few spots of snow, but overall very nice and set to shred. I hope we all get to ride it together again sometime.


troy said...

Nice pics. I rode up to Flagstaff springs a couple of weeks ago and filled up my bottles in a little snow melt brook above the capped spring. I did not get to see a fairyslipper orchid... those are sexy.
Thanks for the word.T

Japhy rider said...

"ain't that a B"
over or under? options... spicey.

what did Sally do? Cody? what would Oso have done??