Tuesday, May 08, 2007

matty's bike taking shape.

got the seat stays built, bent and installed yesterday, it's looking cool! nice lines and plenty of tire clearance. also, got the custom waltworks fork in as well it will be going along to get painted to match. i'll post more pics tomorrow when i braze it up, i'm going biking today with denise and the pooches. also, the view from our couch after the storm a few days ago. later! steve.


Velociraptor said...

oh my. That is one of the most beautiful frames I have ever seen. If ony steel could be left in the raw. Thanks for always posting up your art.

Anonymous said...

Purty stuff there Steven. Would a WaltWorks fork hold up to a big 'ol lad?

Preskit Matt

Anonymous said...

Presit Matt,
Walt says that his forks are very tough. Guess that depends on your weight and ride style. I'm 180lb and he said it shoud be fine.
Walt's fork info :

Matty B.