Friday, May 04, 2007

matty b.'s new ride.

matty's new bike is underway. curved tt 29er with paragon stainless steel sliding dropouts. gonna get the chainstays on tomorrow and start on the seat stays. looking good! also, got some cool new stickers for the collection lately! dwayne weddle saw an old pic of me in bicycling magazine from 1996 with a tequila tonight, tommorrow we ride! sticker, and sent me some. cool! and, my sweet new biking gloves. go ahead, admit it, you're jealous! steve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, cool stickers really!

We did beer and sushi yesterday, and
ride today, as well.

As I see the angle of your on one handle
bar shape, I'm sure these advantage of
H-bar or such as odd angle bars really.


mimbres man said...

I am at my old school (original one in Venezuela) hanging with friends drinking beer.
Great stickers.
Beer this summer...

Anonymous said...

WooHoo !!!