Monday, May 21, 2007

juan's cruiser looking sweet!

looooking good! boy, there is just a shitload of work in these things! getting the kicker tube just so took me about 2's also sporting the new paragon slider dropouts with cut-outs, making it my first disc-brake cruiser. when i took it out of the jig to check it, i was pretty surprised, it's sorta light, too! juan specified that this needed to be done by the 4th of july so he could open up a #10 can of whoop-ass on every one and try to crack his 2nd place streak.....also, i forgot to include annie in my build que listing, and boy, did i hear about it!!! all the way from illinois!! also, got two more orders today, cracking 20 bikes on order, a coconino first! rock on, going armbiking tomorrow, steve.

1 comment:

wolfy said...

When are you going to design a cool ass gastank for those cruisers?!?!?

Something with a pressure seal so you can take it to the brewery and fill it with Icky!