Sunday, May 20, 2007

brookbank trail / rumor control

rode up brookbank trail yesterday, started out in a light drizzle and rode to the top in an hour and a half, half the time it took me last time i rode it last summer. we let the dogs swim in the pond and rode back down at high speed for a quick ride. been talking to alot of folks around town about bikes, and they all say: "aren't you backed up YEARS now?" which, in a true flagstaff "the forest closes tomorrow" style is totally out of control. currently, according to my list i have 16 frames on order. that puts me out to about december or so. i don't hurry or cut corners, i like to do fun stuff too, and i am still re-learning how to walk. sooooo....things take a while. here's my current build que, so you can see where you sit: juan, flag: in jig. jen & jeni, sun valley, ID. denis, AZ. jeff, boise, ID. david, flag. simon, AZ. chris, flag. jim r., flag. lee, reno, NV. jim w., flag. john, charlottesville, VA. keri, flag. cameron, flag. matt, prescott, AZ. mark, reno,NV. there you go! don't delay, sign up today! and, got this coconino moment for ya'll, stephen of mancos, CO. was visiting pete c. in san jose, CA and snapped this pic on the way out to go riding. thanks, guys! guiness and gold! steve.


devin said...

Once I get some dollars rolling in I want to be on that list... Cracked my Wily behind the bottom bracket.. John the owner of dean says he can get it fixed... We'll see got a lot of races
to do.... Been having fun on and around the river... See Ya

Japhy rider said...

thanks for the update!


mimbres man said...

I decided I need to be back in the USA before I get on the list. I have one too many bikes here already.
Keep up the good work Steve and keep having fun. That's as important.
Its a neat feeling seeing your creation out and about eh? I felt that when I saw people I didn't know wearing MM.