Saturday, May 26, 2007

some cool things the last few days

got to do some fun stuff the last couple of days, took some time off before the memorial day madness hit. gonna bunker down for all that crazyness. yesterday we went uphill until we got shut down by snow on the northern well tracks in the inner basin of the peaks to flagstaff spring at 10,600 ft, climbing 2000 ft from lockett meadow in a little less then four miles. i feel a bit cooked today! we promised the dogs we would take them up to roll in the snow, and they were STOKED! up at this altitude there are alot of really cool plants left over from the ice age retreat that are only found far away, or, nowhere else at all. we even have grouse! so, anyway, we saw these fairyslipper orchids! super cool! it made my day. and, the day before after work dan b. and me went to ashurst lake in the canoe fishing, and caught some trout. so many great things to do in flag, so little time, steve.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

cold, windy beautiful day on weatherford trail

we went out yesterday and climbed weatherford for 3 hours until it got REALLY windy and cold and then flew back down in about 30 minutes. the forest up there is super thick and lush. we climbed through 3 seperate life zones, up through the aspen belt to about 10,000ft where firs and limber pines take over. you know that you are starting to get up there when you are looking down on the 9,300ft tall mt elden. here's a horney toad, the only reptile you will see this high. he looks pretty threatening for being two inches long! steve.

Monday, May 21, 2007

juan's cruiser looking sweet!

looooking good! boy, there is just a shitload of work in these things! getting the kicker tube just so took me about 2's also sporting the new paragon slider dropouts with cut-outs, making it my first disc-brake cruiser. when i took it out of the jig to check it, i was pretty surprised, it's sorta light, too! juan specified that this needed to be done by the 4th of july so he could open up a #10 can of whoop-ass on every one and try to crack his 2nd place streak.....also, i forgot to include annie in my build que listing, and boy, did i hear about it!!! all the way from illinois!! also, got two more orders today, cracking 20 bikes on order, a coconino first! rock on, going armbiking tomorrow, steve.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

brookbank trail / rumor control

rode up brookbank trail yesterday, started out in a light drizzle and rode to the top in an hour and a half, half the time it took me last time i rode it last summer. we let the dogs swim in the pond and rode back down at high speed for a quick ride. been talking to alot of folks around town about bikes, and they all say: "aren't you backed up YEARS now?" which, in a true flagstaff "the forest closes tomorrow" style is totally out of control. currently, according to my list i have 16 frames on order. that puts me out to about december or so. i don't hurry or cut corners, i like to do fun stuff too, and i am still re-learning how to walk. sooooo....things take a while. here's my current build que, so you can see where you sit: juan, flag: in jig. jen & jeni, sun valley, ID. denis, AZ. jeff, boise, ID. david, flag. simon, AZ. chris, flag. jim r., flag. lee, reno, NV. jim w., flag. john, charlottesville, VA. keri, flag. cameron, flag. matt, prescott, AZ. mark, reno,NV. there you go! don't delay, sign up today! and, got this coconino moment for ya'll, stephen of mancos, CO. was visiting pete c. in san jose, CA and snapped this pic on the way out to go riding. thanks, guys! guiness and gold! steve.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

coconino happenings

just workin' along today, we actually had a good hour long thunderstorm today, it rained pretty good! just tieing up some loose ends, got norman's bike all sussed up, that's a pretty good handful of stainless steel bolts on that frame! and, matty b's frame is done and ready to go to paint. also, went for a good ride up waterline a couple of days ago, made it to the last turn before you turn east into the inner basin in 2 hours. crankin'! sure was nice and cool up there. hope you all are doing well out there, make the most out of it! steve.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hey, norman, what color stickers do you want?

silver, yellow or red. man, this bike looks sweet! matching fork too. more pics when she's stickered and has the badge on, steve.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

birthday armbike ride.

went to do a quick armbike ride up weinie walk and down sunset today, my 39th b-day. doing better, i don't think i feel a day over 65! cranked nonstop up weinie walk and ripped down sunset ultra high speed. i'm really learning how to wheelie one wheel over obstacles which makes hauling ass much easier, as well as sidecar-style leaning on off camber riding. fun stuff! steve.

fishing and boating at clearcreek resevoir

went for a great day out at clear creek resevoir with denise and caught a good stringer of 10 trout that will make for a couple of good dinners! kayaked back through the canyon to where the stream dumps crystal clear water into the lake and springs gush from the rocks with ferns and vines. also saw some great petroglyph panels, including some othere with tall shaman figures. all in all, a nice day on the water!! steve.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

brazed up!

matty b's bike all brazed up, nice brazes. don't think i'll get around to starting to file it down today, there's seven wheels around that need lacing and it looks like it's up to me to do em'. good thing i like it and i'm quick at it! steve.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

mormon mountain, one tough ride!

went and did mormon mountain trail yesterday, man, that is one tough climb! 1500ft gain in 3 miles of shaley rock. but, it is one sweet trail. shaded throughout, pine needles and lichens on the rocks, waaayyyy different then the much-used trails in flag. and the 780 mile arizona trail intersects it, which along with ledges trail, lakeview trail and a couple other smaller trails make for some great riding, and, last i checked the mormon lake lodge had $4 pitchers and great burgers and such. go check it out! the top was really green with groves of gooseberry bushes blooming and squirrels, deer, woodpeckers and hummingbirds buzzing around. highly reccomended! if an arm bike can do it, you should be able to, and the az trail is really plush and rolly. rock on, off to build bikes, steve.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

matty's bike taking shape.

got the seat stays built, bent and installed yesterday, it's looking cool! nice lines and plenty of tire clearance. also, got the custom waltworks fork in as well it will be going along to get painted to match. i'll post more pics tomorrow when i braze it up, i'm going biking today with denise and the pooches. also, the view from our couch after the storm a few days ago. later! steve.

Friday, May 04, 2007

matty b.'s new ride.

matty's new bike is underway. curved tt 29er with paragon stainless steel sliding dropouts. gonna get the chainstays on tomorrow and start on the seat stays. looking good! also, got some cool new stickers for the collection lately! dwayne weddle saw an old pic of me in bicycling magazine from 1996 with a tequila tonight, tommorrow we ride! sticker, and sent me some. cool! and, my sweet new biking gloves. go ahead, admit it, you're jealous! steve.

an easy spin on waterline road.

did an easy spin up waterline road on the peaks yesterday, wanted to ride uphill until we found some snow for the dogs, took about 2 hours of climbing. it's a nice easy grade, looks like the trucks have not been up it yet, there are logs and boulders on the road still, and just a few flowers starting to peek out. the dogs were stoked! they didn't figure on seeing any snow, which is just about one of their favorite things, eating snow and rolling in it and chasing snowballs. then, got a 45 minute downhill. good fun!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007