Wednesday, April 04, 2007

post # 100, a fine day out!

had a great armbike ride yesterday, went up weatherford trail for the 1st. time this year, and all the way down orion springs {which i cleaned NO PROBLEM!} and then over the connector back to weatherford and down. great trail conditions with moist dirt and only a few footprints and 2 sets of tiretracks for the season so far. had to re-move all the babyheads i threw off the trail last year! getting pretty good at kicking out 4+ hour rides. also got the clean bill of health on my femur x-ray yesterday morning at the year and a 1/2 mark, the doc was way stoked on how healthy i was, saying i had pulled off an excellent recovery. the titanium rod in my leg is for keeps, the 20+ pieces of my femur have cemented around it so it will never come out. chances are it will probally be floating in space after the world blows up someday! off to build yael's bike today, i'll post pics tomorrow, steve.

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