Tuesday, April 10, 2007

paul d's new bike under way.

got going on paul d.'s bike of boise, idaho. got the front triangle done - the easy part - it only has one plane of straightness. next on to the more complex bits, the chainstays and the seatstays, in that order. paul requested the angles, so here they are: head and seat angles, 71* &73* with 20% fork sag. geometry for 100mm fork. 1.25" bottom bracket drop. 22.5" effective toptube at crotch level, so, a tad shorter at the h-bars. 4" headtube. seattube, 13.5"ish center-to-center.{see ruler in pic for scale...} tubing selection: tange prestige 31.8 quad-butted downtube. truetemper verus heat treated toptube and headtube. ritchey logic seattube with handmade st sleeve. paragon machine works bottombracket and dropouts. dedacciai zero-tre s-bend chainstays and handbent 2-piece stepdown 4130 seatstays. now that's custom! i've known paul for almost 22 years! he showed me one of my 1st. mtbs, his "dangerbike", pieced together from odd bits in true old school style. i used to go to paul's house in my teens under seriously altered states wearing wierd clothes to watch him paint, play bass and listen to devo and gang of four.....good to still know ya, paul! obscure punk rock mixed tapes on the way as well! steve.

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