Friday, April 20, 2007

norman s.'s bike, solo ride out the back door.

here's a pic of norman's bike, a stout world tourer made to ride sweet fully loaded where-ever he chooses to ride it! and, some pics of my first solo ride since my accident. went out on soldiers trail/bridge trail, which are conveniently located right behind my house. some parts were pretty technical. it takes on a whole new concept when you are strapped to your ride and you can't walk a section. on the rock slot pictured i had to get off and sit on the boulders and pick up my bike and lift it through the slot and then get back on. sporty! couldn't have done that not too long ago. i definately wouldn't have recovered to the level i have achived if i had not insisted on keeping to my work schedule and kept on biking,boating and walking. get out there folks! what's your excuse? steve.


Anonymous said...

always an inspiration, my man. it is really fuckin' cool to be able to check in on you via the blog...especially when i feel like i'm wasting away in front of the computer for school. cheers, benno

reedster said...

Steve, keep up the good work. It's good to see someone who is such a great example of hard work and dedication.