Monday, April 16, 2007

a day of boatin' at blueridge

had a great sunny day of boating at blueridge, it was awesome to get out into nature after not being out in the woods since my armbike broke. blueridge has a 5 horsepower or less limit on boats so it's always quiet and peaceful. saw 2 osprey nests in use. also, managed to get up off the ground solo for the first time since my accident! it's great to see some proof i'm still getting better and stronger. got news my bike is fixed and on it's way back. i'm stoked, as trail conditiond are excellent right now. getting lots of frame building done, however! steve.

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mimbres man said...

Hey Steve & Denise,
You need to start planning a trip to the Caribbean for this fall or so. The best kayaking weather is June - November. December - April is the least desirable because of wind and waves. I'll be in NM and AZ in July. Lets plan something. We can do something semi-epic (3 or 4 days out) or whatever.