Monday, March 05, 2007

show is over!

well, didn't loose my voice as planned, but feel pretty thrashed. saw some show folks walking around this morning and they all look as tired as me. at the wrap-up yesterday we all looked like the walking dead and folks would drift off mid sentence into a 1000 yard stare and coffee cups came out filled with non-coffee beverages. saw some neat new materials, shook alot of hands and didn't get sick. next year is in portland, oregon. 1st week of feb. here's some final pics, if you want to see nice ones tune into or dirtrag. going to santa cruz today and denise is going riding while i hang out at rocklobster cycles and try to soak up some tricks! later, steve.


Japhy rider said...

What a totally kick-ass weekend you must've had! Amanda sure came home from the NAHB Show jazzed - all thumbs up for to the Frame builders' guild for the Builder of the Year Award. We're proud to be a multiple-Coconino family, riding every one of them a lot. Have fun in Baja!


wolfy said...

Dude, Congrats on the award! Sorry we didn't get to say good bye. Will see you again soon hopefully. Got pics on the strip.


stableatspeed said...

It was awesome to see you and Denise at the show. Congrats on winning frame builder of the year!

I got my Coco-gear bike back from the powder coaters and it looks good! Need new decals though. Have fun in Mexico!