Friday, March 09, 2007

pete's new bike, riding deadman's pass

just got these pics from pete c., he picked it up at the show and got her built up and will be taking it out for a first ride today, his first 1-speed mtb! got to go out armbiking in sedona yesterday, it was great to get out, the first time in 2 weeks or more. that's alot of time indoors or in a car, maybe an alltime record for me! weather was perfect, 70* or so. the views of the mogollon rim are really sweet on this trail, which goes over a small pass between the rim and mezcal mountain, sweet downhills on both sides and not too long, with great ledges and jumps! the dogs were super stoked to get out too, check out sally dog, looks like she feels as out of shape as i do! thanks for reading! steve.

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