Thursday, March 01, 2007

kickin' it in san jose

howdy all, we're here at the hotel in san jose just kicking back after setting up our booth at the handmade bike show, the whole shebang goes off tommorrow at 10am. also, just got an e-mail from, they had pics of my 29er cruiser already posted from somewhere in the snow {?} odd, but cool. drove out the 1st night from flag to bakersfield to get some good basque food. if you never had basque food, here's the deal: as soon as you sit down they start feeding you! 1st is a huge bowl of veggie soup and another bowl of pink beans with ham hocks with hot sauce on the side and hot bread. next is lettuce with a tomato/onion/pepper salad and thinly sliced beef tounge marinated in garlic and basil. after that, they bring out your dinner - i had a steak, and denise had scampi - with big plates of frenchfries and spaghetti! and, you can ask for more of anything! the next day we drove to santa cruz by way of big sur. it was sunny and beautiful with fresh snow on the peaks. when we got to santa cruz we went to meet up with paul of rock lobster cycles at his shop. brian baylis of baylis cycles was there as well as simon was finishing the tape on a new s3 track bike. after we all went out for sushi, including some incredible white tuna we went back to paul's house where ross schafer of ex-salsa fame and dave who owns DKG machining {he makes flip-off qr's} were hanging. they are all playing at the show as the motherfluxers and set us up with a bottle of merlot and took off to practice. today we went to walk on the pier and came here to set up! tomorrow i'll post pics of the show, but here's some of big sur for now! doing pretty damn good without the wheel chair! steve.

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wolfy said...

Good times in Bako. Where'd you go the Chateau Basque?

See you tomorrow!