Friday, March 23, 2007

kayaking lee's ferry

just snuck in a few days boatin' the colorado river at lee's ferry. beautiful and sunny! went the first night ti vermillion cliffs lodge and had a delishious gormet meal in the middle of nowhere washed down with a couple pitchers of newcastle. got up in the morning and after breakfast put in at the ferry and paddled 6 miles upstream against strong currents and winds. tough work! hardly anyone was on the river, and conditions were great. the boat works really well and you can cram tons of stuff in it. we'll definately be returning soon!


Hunter Cycles said...

Let's go next time we're in Flagstaff.
Isn't it great being able to bring cans of beer.

mimbres man said...

Cool Steve! Geez, I'd like to paddle there.
Planning on taking my kayak(s) out on Sunday. Want to paddle to my favorite island with a couple of friends. The double Klepper will be hauling the beer.

Japhy rider said...

Lee's Ferry is a bit of a place among boatmen and boatwomen. most just put their barges in and go downstream into the big ditch... leave it to a few Mutants to swim upstream, in a headwind, tugging a drag bag full of imported beer in cans!

the 2nd best filet mignon i've ever had was at the VC Lodge. then i walked the 6-ish miles back to the Ferry in my flip flops and slept on the barge before the cargo arrived the next sunrise. ah, the life of boatmen...

So glad you have that to enjoy and explore.

Japhy rider

Cameron said...

what an amazing blog. Congrats on framebuilder of the year. I am about to put in a order for a new bike myself.