Saturday, March 03, 2007

getting set up at the show, day 1.

didn't get alot of great pics of the show, i sat in the booth and talked untill i almost lost my voice on day 1. lots of great media attention, ther shoulsd be alot of great pics on the web! got some shots of some friend's booths, rock lobster, hunter cycles, and mauricio rebolledo. afterwards, went to the motherfluxers show with gullo, smithers, the hunters, amanda, holly sadoff and johnny thess. they rocked! paul sadoff on guitar {rock lobster} ross schafer vocals/guitar {salsa/6-9 design}, dave gaurette, bass {dkg} and brian baylis of baylis cycles on drums. i promise better pics tomorrow! steve.

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Anonymous said...

Almost lost your voice?

Not good enough! You gotta LOSE your voice! It's the only way to tell if you've had a good show or not!

Wish I'd been there, all the best,