Wednesday, March 14, 2007

coconino happenings

real busy around the garro house. just trying to dig into the 19 frames currently on order and still have time to get out and enjoy the woods. all the south facing trails are open up to about the 8000ft. level and it is almost 70* every day, so no more sedona riding for now! got out yesterday with denise and the dogs for a quick afternoon spin up mailbox trail and down rocky ridge. boy, my trail skills have improved since i have last ridden in flag! i was taking rocky ridge at a pretty fast clip and have gotten my one-wheel wheeelies onto boulders down much better. also, here is a pic with yael and her bike in progress, as well as one of it all brazed up. and, lastly, here is barnsey's bike all ready to ship, off to mancos, colorado!


devin said...

stuff is looking good ... nice to see that you can ride up in flag might have to ride there instead of sedona.

wolfy said...

One-wheel wheelies!?!?!



Anonymous said...

man that fleece your wearin in the pabst campaign photo is older than you, it's gotta be micro thin now.