Saturday, March 31, 2007

i HAVE been working too......

just some quick pics of current goings-on. had a repair session with the riding the spine dudes over tecates and punk rock! their bikes are really thrashed after riding the spine of the continent from prudhoe bay, alaska, and are heading out soon for the tip of south america. look at that custom cable routing and the footman's loops for water bag mounting! check out their adventures with lots of cool pics at also, a pic of the peaks from our couch after a recent snow the other day. and, yael's frame being modeled by denise back from paint. color: "summer punch." wow. and, jodie j's x-bike in process. later, off to go arm biking! steve.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sneaking in a ride before the storm

got out for a quick ride today, cranked from schultz creek parking lot to the connector to dogfood and down. there was a storm blowing in and we were having gusts of over 50mph! trees were rockin and creaking! something about wind makes folks stay at home, and i don't get it. it's not like wind really hurts, it just seems to get on people's nerves, and we only saw 2 people out even though trail conditions were perfect! it was blowing soooo hard denise thought we would be crushed by falling trees.....woke up to a dusting of snow this morning, back to winter after a week of 70* temps, life at 7000ft.! been busy building bikes, and have a few at paint right now, so i'll have some bike pics soon. started building jodie j.'s cross bike right now, it's going to live in virginia, a coconino hotspot, with 5 bikes currently and 2 more on order. thanks for tuning into my tiny slice of the world-wide-web, steve.

Friday, March 23, 2007

kayaking lee's ferry

just snuck in a few days boatin' the colorado river at lee's ferry. beautiful and sunny! went the first night ti vermillion cliffs lodge and had a delishious gormet meal in the middle of nowhere washed down with a couple pitchers of newcastle. got up in the morning and after breakfast put in at the ferry and paddled 6 miles upstream against strong currents and winds. tough work! hardly anyone was on the river, and conditions were great. the boat works really well and you can cram tons of stuff in it. we'll definately be returning soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

coconino happenings

real busy around the garro house. just trying to dig into the 19 frames currently on order and still have time to get out and enjoy the woods. all the south facing trails are open up to about the 8000ft. level and it is almost 70* every day, so no more sedona riding for now! got out yesterday with denise and the dogs for a quick afternoon spin up mailbox trail and down rocky ridge. boy, my trail skills have improved since i have last ridden in flag! i was taking rocky ridge at a pretty fast clip and have gotten my one-wheel wheeelies onto boulders down much better. also, here is a pic with yael and her bike in progress, as well as one of it all brazed up. and, lastly, here is barnsey's bike all ready to ship, off to mancos, colorado!

Friday, March 09, 2007

get to work!

well, back to work today! off and running at 8am tensioning wheels. had big johnny come over and help me build up craig m.'s bike to go off to ruidoso, nm. lookin' good! next i faced & chased and stickered & headbadged josh k.'s new 29er frame which he came and picked up lookin' wild'n'wooley. check out those bass boat sparkles! got yael's mini mtn bike front triangle tacked up, on to the chainstays tomorrow. also got this sweet "conquistador" trophy from todd sadoww, promoter of the 24 hours in the old pueblo, among some other really cool, "fun" events. it reads: "for having the strength and courage to overcome life's obstacles from epic rides and the ever lovin' mountain bike community" thanks, todd! and, a shot of the great jersey i got at the handmade bike show. thanks alot everyone, 2007 sure is starting out alot better then 2006! i really appreciate all the encouragement, i wouldn't have gotten so far without such a supportive group such as all of you! rock on! steve.

pete's new bike, riding deadman's pass

just got these pics from pete c., he picked it up at the show and got her built up and will be taking it out for a first ride today, his first 1-speed mtb! got to go out armbiking in sedona yesterday, it was great to get out, the first time in 2 weeks or more. that's alot of time indoors or in a car, maybe an alltime record for me! weather was perfect, 70* or so. the views of the mogollon rim are really sweet on this trail, which goes over a small pass between the rim and mezcal mountain, sweet downhills on both sides and not too long, with great ledges and jumps! the dogs were super stoked to get out too, check out sally dog, looks like she feels as out of shape as i do! thanks for reading! steve.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

visit to rock lobster cycles world headquarters

the day after nahbs we went to santa cruz and i got to learn some framebuilding licks from paul, who has been building bikes since 1978. he was building an aluminum cross bike at the time. his shop is a cycling/framebuilding meuseum! carl of vicious cycles stopped by to say "hi" as well. pretty cool to see paul at work!

Monday, March 05, 2007

show is over!

well, didn't loose my voice as planned, but feel pretty thrashed. saw some show folks walking around this morning and they all look as tired as me. at the wrap-up yesterday we all looked like the walking dead and folks would drift off mid sentence into a 1000 yard stare and coffee cups came out filled with non-coffee beverages. saw some neat new materials, shook alot of hands and didn't get sick. next year is in portland, oregon. 1st week of feb. here's some final pics, if you want to see nice ones tune into or dirtrag. going to santa cruz today and denise is going riding while i hang out at rocklobster cycles and try to soak up some tricks! later, steve.