Wednesday, February 07, 2007

old-fashoned beat-down

went out for an armbike ride yesterday that turned into a 6 hour epic! we barely beat the sunset by about 15min. i was so loopy at the end i had to have denise help me up some of the hills and i was having a hard time focusing on the trail. we went up ridge trail down to secret slickrock to red rock st. park then up old post trail to the shelby rd. trailhead. i'm pretty tapped out today and just might go back to sleep. saw scott m. on his new curved top tube coconino 29er. here he is switching the gearing, it has 2 2-speed freewheels. nice workstand....we also saw gullo and joe hazel a couple of times, here at the slickrock looking out at cathedral butte. here's denise keepin' everyone straight on directions. and, here's a close up of my t11/t12 spinal fusion. stay away from one of these if you can! steve.

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