Sunday, February 25, 2007

tearin' it up old school style!

just had to post this pic of brob tearin' it up old-school style on brock's coconino! it looks straight outta some old cook's brother's add. check out the little kid! he hopes to be just half this cool some day!

super busy lately, sorry for not checking in......

been really busy lately trying to get ready for the handmade bike show, geting frames finished, building display fixtures and finishing the roofrack for the car so we can take bikes on the trip. been having a rough time lately as well, my left hip feels like it's gonna blow out. maybe i've been doing too much to soon. i think my body needs a break! hopefully the show will be the break i need. all this trying to learn how to walk and armbiking is sorta kicking my ass. so, here's some pics, one is our new roof rack, it's on the car now with sweet stainless steel footman's loops. and one of my showbikes in a display stand i made. the pic does not do it justice, it's actually green in the sun. i'll try to get some more pics out before we leave, and i willl try to post blogs while at the show of cool stuff/folks. rock on, steve.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

sedona, t-shirts, wheels, greg's bike.

here's some pics of goings-on. went for a good armbike ride yesterday, about 5 hours on a loop from the now defunct sedona cultural park. real nice, 69*, got pretty scratched up by mean bushes on the return trail! o.k., there has been a big response about t-shirts, so if you want one, here's the dope: they are $15ea. plus $5 shipping whether you get one or more. send a check made out to denise garro to: 1235 palmer av, flagstaff, az., 86001. indicate shirt sizes. m-l-xl. they run big. any color you want, as long as it's black. here's some sweet dt-swiss wheels i just built, i really like building/selling wheels. been at it 21 years, and i get alot of wheel orders still. also, got this pic of greg e.'s bike, i think it lives in michigan now, and moab in the summer. gotta go to work! steve.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

frame block prototype, dirtrag cruiser returns.

been filing brazes all day trying not to tweak my f@#ked up finger. got my prototype for the framebuilding blocks i'll be selling, they look sweet! i might have all 40 pairs sold they are with hotsauce botttle for scale, as well as in action. tallied up my frame orders, 15 frames on order, including deliveries to idaho, virginia {2}, new mexico, oklahoma and nevada, as well as all over arizona. here's the cruiser i built for dirtrag magazine to review, it will be going to the handmade bike show, check it out at after that it will be going to live at absolute bikes in salida, colorado. you might see it rip by you on monarch crest trail! ciao for niao, steve.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i'm so hurt, they call me mr. hurt {take 2} coconino shirts, barnsey's bike.

did this beauty yesterday. i was going to the hospital {how convienient} to walk around while denise was in a meeting and tore my nail off getting out of the car. she went off to her meeting, while i went to see a friend at the hospital - since i know everyone there from the gurney guys to the surgeons now - and we cut it off with some scissors. he went to do it, but it hurt so bad i told him he better let me do it or i might punch him uncontollably. so, he held it up while i cut it off with my left hand. i think my quote was "that was special." just what i needed! as i walked back i saw i left a great blood trail. printing up a bunch of shirts for the handmade bike show. how much, you say? $1150.00 and you get a free bike frame.....just kidding. if you want one contact me and we'll figure it out. and, here is barnsey's bike, all brazed up! hope my suffering makes you feel better! steve.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

just a nice ride in sedona

went for a 4-hour armbike ride yesterday with denise and the dogs. pretty nice, mid 60's and sorta overcast. did private idaho/girdner/snake trail. conditions were really good, sorta moist. probally not good today, steady rain all day. saw this huge arizona cypress tree. buissness going well, 5 new orders so far this month! steve.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

walked a mile!

yep, that's right, i finally walked a mile, 3 laps around the nau skydome. worked me pretty good! i've been building up to it for a while and it felt pretty good. people were super supportive. the dome was actually closing, but the manager of the dome who recognises me from mtn biking let us in and gave me his card and told us to call him anytime and he would help us get in. alot of the folks walking there know me now and cheer me on. i met a wheelchair guy one day and right off the bat he gets all fired up on me and asks if i'm a spinal cord injury. i tell him yes, and he peppers me with all the typical 1st questions cord injuries ask: can you shit and piss on your own? how's your sensation? what's your injury level? man, you can walk! i'm jealous! pretty funny stuff, i a sick sorta way.{to me, at least.} so, any way, here's some pics. my cousin juanita in washington state sent me this sweet garro farms hat from the family farm, and my bro-in-law joe sent me these "swedish pimple" lures. what's a swedish pimple? here's some close-ups of scott m's 29er on the trail, some frame miters, and sally dog with a sweet prize she brought back from the woods on her own. boy, she was bummed when that got took away! she's still looking for it! steve.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

old-fashoned beat-down

went out for an armbike ride yesterday that turned into a 6 hour epic! we barely beat the sunset by about 15min. i was so loopy at the end i had to have denise help me up some of the hills and i was having a hard time focusing on the trail. we went up ridge trail down to secret slickrock to red rock st. park then up old post trail to the shelby rd. trailhead. i'm pretty tapped out today and just might go back to sleep. saw scott m. on his new curved top tube coconino 29er. here he is switching the gearing, it has 2 2-speed freewheels. nice workstand....we also saw gullo and joe hazel a couple of times, here at the slickrock looking out at cathedral butte. here's denise keepin' everyone straight on directions. and, here's a close up of my t11/t12 spinal fusion. stay away from one of these if you can! steve.

Monday, February 05, 2007

craig m. of ruidoso, n.mexico, your frame is done!

boy, this bike came out sweet! everything just really fell together and came out PERFECTLY straight with absolutely zero input. the seatstays are really, really nice, my handmade handbent 2-piece design. she's going to the north american handmade bike show.i'm going to go armbiking tomorrow and shipping it off to paint!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


BEEN WORKING LOTS. had to actually take a day off yesterday, first time in about 6 months, i was just pooped. went down town and bought some books, "moby-dick" and "huevos verde y hamon" to practice my espanol for our upcoming trip to mexico to go sea kayaking at the end of march. bought a couple new pornographers' and an electric frankenstein cd on closeout at gopher sounds which is closing down after 17 years and had coffee, during which i started getting violent right leg spasms due to fatigue. went home and layed down for awhile and got up and made red pepped-roasted garlic salad dressing, chipotle salsa and some lime/cumin marinade for chicken and helped denise do some plumbing then kicked back to watch "neko case like at austin city limits" dvd, which was pretty killer. awnsered some e-mails, got another probable frame order {it's not an order untill you get the $}. i counted 14 frames currently on order to build! i also have to build the car rack for the subaru so we can go to california/mexico. pretty busy guy! thanks all, steve.

Friday, February 02, 2007

michelle.....your bike is ready!

like it says....sure looks sweet! and, just so you don't think i've been slackin', here's the current frame rack....enjoy! steve.