Friday, January 26, 2007

your own private idaho

went armbiking in sedona yesterday, rode private idaho/girdner/snake trail. snowy and some goop in spots made it tough going, but it was really nice to be out, got it 3.5 hours on the one-off. but, it was really sunny, short sleeve weather just 30 min. from home, where it's been below 0 at night! and, it's not all the time you get to ride in snow in the desert. the armbike actually rides river rocks and washes-especially covered with snow-better then a bike. and, check out these fired up dogs! i also caught this pic of sally catching snowballs. for her, it just doesn't get much more fun then that! thanks for reading, i've been really surprised how many people tell me they saw something cool on my blog, don't be afraid to drop in a comment once in awhile, or tell me something you want to see pics of, steve.

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Anonymous said...

hey bro....cause of you I made me I blog....I update it much less than you, plus mines less adventureous right now anyways just wanted to let you know I find lots from you.....especially that native american buhddist punk rock philosophy Ive grown to love...