Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stuff going on!

howdy all, steve here. been pretty snowbound here in the dell this week, snowded all day yesterday, snowing now. getting some impressive snowpiles going around the driveway.been pedaling the stationary bike 1/2 hour a day and walking in the nau skydome, i did 2 laps walking around the dome yesterday, 1000 meters or about 2/3rds of a mile! it worked me pretty good, and i get lapped by old dudes and fat panting people, but one year ago it taxed me hard to roll my wheelchair the same 2 laps! i forget that i,ve come so far, but denise does all she can to encourage me and convince me i'm progressing. it's just really hard to see yourself go from the toughest person you know to the weakest physically. mentally, i'm definitely tougher now! been finally getting back to reading books again after a 1-year hiatus as after leaving rehab i just couldn't look at a book! i was reading a novel every 1-4 days in rehab. just polished off "the road" by cormac mc carthy, another cheerful novel from that guy, polished it off in one night. and just read "the kite runner" about afganistan and "the shipping news" by annie piroux which was really great. i think i'm gonna start "hocus pocus" by kurt vonnegut next, one of the few of his i have not read yet, i'm sure it will be a hoot! been building frames full-on, here is "anonymous owner's" touring commuter, and craig m. of ruidoso's mtb in the jig. i'm just waiting for a stem for my sister-in -law's bike and i'll post pics of it when completed, and i have a 29er floating around i need to sticker up. and, i have a nahbs bike at paint. also, here is goat fixing his extracycle. him and 2 buddies are riding from prudhoe bay alaska, to tierra del fuego along the spine of the continents, they just pulled off riding across the grandcanyon ticket free! for the story and lots of great pics check out hope ya'll like my bloggery! thanks for reading and comments, steve.

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Sean said...

What's up with the Extracycle, 26" to 29"?