Thursday, January 18, 2007

finally got the kayak out for a real float, and yes, some frame shots.

yep, we finally got the boat out for a real float, and it was real fun. it's really great to do something where i just look like a normal person {o.k., well...sorta} and not like a circus performer {look! he pedals with his ARMS!!!} and, to do it with denise as well. saw almost no boats at all, but lots of ducks and grebes, tons of well-fed looking herons, and 2 bald eagles. saguero lake has great views of the four peaks wilderness, and is on the salt river. also, some close-ups of pete c.'s bike, it will be at the north american handmade bike show, as he lives right by the venue. be lookin' forward to havin' some of your tasty homebrews at the show, pete! {hint, hint....}later, thanks for reading, steve.


aaron in california said...

aww...good, you will be in San Jose for the handmade show. as we have been out of touch for the last year and half or so, and no puff for stella an i last year (and it wouldna been as much fun in the camp without you and Denise..and the beer). so i will try best to come by the show this year, maybe stand around with Sahdoff

wolfy said...

The Bacon Strip will hold a reception in your honor since you'll undoubtedly have to pass through Reno on your way to (or from) Cali.