Friday, September 29, 2006

just some current news for ya'll

sorry, no new pics today, all the current frames are stalled out at paint due to the vegas bike show.right now i'm building bruce ledbetter's 29er, he resides in tempe,az. next will be bill fry's curved tt cross/touring bike which is going to zurich, switzerland.he asked that i document the build on the blog to check it out, so look forward to that in a week or so. at current tally i have 15 builds on line, putting me out to july. as well as arizona, i have bikes going to switzerland, virginia, colorado, new mexico, idaho, california and oklahoma. coconino cycles will also be exhibiting at the north american handmade bike show in march 2nd-4th, san jose,ca. doing well in therapy, walking on crutches a little more every time, working on all the fine motor control everyone takes for granted. flag has been smokey the last couple days due to the control burns, but you can still see that the aspens are changing up high. i hand biked meadow/schultz creek the other day and there were scattered patches of yellow. take it easy, steve

Monday, September 25, 2006

thanks for the comments!! keep em' comin'!

finally figured out why i haven't got any comments, and i think i have fixed it! i thought you guys didn't love me any more or something! doing really well, finally finished greg's bike, and man, it was epic, in a good way. here's the list: hand made dt gusset, ht/tt sleeve, st/tt sleeve, hand bent step-down ss's, web braces in the ss's, cs's, and between the two, st ovalized at the dt,custom disc mount and bottle opener. whew. the next build, a 700c cross bike going to zurich, switzerland should be sweet. keep ya posted, garro

greg eizan's mike finished!

ready to go to paint as soon as every one gets back from the bike show, then off to moab!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

detail shot of greg eizan's bike, industry news.

here's a detail shot of greg's bike, it's looking pretty cool. should be done by the weekend. there is sooooo much handmade stuff on this is a challenge to make something tough, yet graceful. more detail shots when she's done. for those of you not on the framebuilder-insider groove the last 2 months have seen matt chester, wily cycles, burley, and de kerf close their doors. sign of the times or open oppertunities? depends on your point of view, as do many things. rock on,!! steve.

Monday, September 18, 2006

new bike pic, troy's 29er.

here's a couple of pics of troy's bike, we got it together today, he was pretty stoked. worked a bunch on greg eizan's frame, it should be done in a few days. checked out a pretty wild web site yesterday, ,a forum where "mentally interesting" people can compare their perscription drug experimentations on themselves with each other.i wanted to have some feedback on the drug experimentation i am being forced to do on myself. boy, there are some really mentally challenged people in our society!!! you should give this a look, some folks have some really interesting times dealing with day-to-day life. and, i learned some things about what i'm on for my nerve issues, some handy, some scary. still, i can't complain,i like my work, i can't really even call it a "job" although it pays me well and i have frames backed up till' june. my wife still loves me. i can go biking in the mountains, and i want to learn to sea kayak. my body cooperates a little more all the time. like i said, check out, you will feel better about your day! later, steve.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

progress report

howdy, all. sunday morning at the garros.cookin' breakfast,getting ready to do some frame building, wheelbuilding, and bike assembly. gonna try to get troy's bike all together today,i'll post pics when it's done, it should be sweet. brian herzog's frame went to paint,orange with gold top coat,and greg eizans long travel 26" one speed is all brazed together,it will live in moab when completed,the stay pic is his bike in the jig. arm biked up climb 3 yesterday, then down upper brookbank,weinie walk and little gnarly.upper brookbank, was sweeet! i was able to rip down it pretty fast, including all the boulder drops,and conditions were perfect. the monsoons are officially over, the 2nd. wettest on record, 2 inches above "average".it sure felt like fall yesterday! totally clear skies,not a cloud to be seen.thanks to all who have been following my blog!! steve.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

better 29'er cruiser pics.

here are some better pics of the red cruiser. it's just waiting for the phil wood bb to go to dirt rag! steve.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

new stuff as promised.....

here are some new pics! got the dirtrag cruiser back, looks sweet! i'll get some detail shots out,as well as pics of troy's frame, when the sun shines and i can take them out in the sun. hope this holds every one over for a while, sorry i've been slacking on the posts, no much to report. able to walk 200 ft on crutches now! i'll post more in the next few days, i promise! steve.