Monday, August 28, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

doing well on crutches!

doing well on crutches,walked 30 ft. at a time a couple rounds today.sure have come a long way from just wiggling one toe in nov. i'm pretty psyched on this, it means soon i will be able to travel much easier! they trimmed my orthodic before therapy and added a springy strap to the back to help the lack of flexion, it seems to help alot. tried to ride up brookbank trail yesterday,almost made it to the top but got shut down by lightning in the last pitch to the top. i was pretty surprised,it took only about an hour! it rained so hard all of downtown was shut down and flooding and we couldn't even make it to therapy. sent troy's 29'er off to paint, it will be "playboy blue" with goldnugget topcoat. i'll post pics when it comes back! steve.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

nine months difference....

here's 2 pictures to show what i've been through since oct. 5th. one was taken yesterday, one was taken dec.18th. at garropalooza. big difference! took a few walks across the room on crutches today for the 1st time.pretty shakey at first,but better and better.slowly, slowly.....really thinking about sea kayaks,they might be the next touring method. always really wanted to tour baja!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

almost to the next level....

p.t. going well, getting stronger. already time to have the new orthodic enlarged as my leg is growing. my massage gal has not seen me in 3 weeks and sez i'm bulking is to try to make the transition to crutches.that would be cool.that would be the first step to traveling again some day. all this in 10 months.what a crazy horrible bizarre trip.had a kidney ultrasound to see how the pipes are doing, all looks good. armbiked from lockett meadow to the green cabins and down waterline to sunset trailhead on thurs., kicked my ass pretty good,put me in bed by 5pm. went with the japanese visitors,they had a great time and say hi to all the oregonians.{wade,eugene} time to go file some brass, steve.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

doing pretty good!

doing pretty well the last few days, pain manageable, not sick, pissing under control, shoulder not popping out. ah,the little pleasures of life! went armbiking yesterday,went up weatherford with aki from osaka,denise and the rained out,been raining every are going off. the new leg brace/orthodic is working out well,much more stable, i don't have to worry about my right leg failing and falling down as much. yesterday i walked all the way from the car to therapy,probally 150 yards,worked me pretty well. shipped the dirtrag cruiser off to paint, finally settled on red with gold nugget topcoat.i'll post pics when i get her built.troy's bike is coming along,i just have to file down the brazes.the seat tube pic is his bike.the raw brazing pic is stu henderson's frame,we finally got it brazed up, he has been working on it for 7 months. got a bunch of new pics below, enjoy! steve.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

today's pics:bryce's 29'er and me on the corral trail

29ers and a blown out arm.

got 4 29ers in the shop right now, one in about every stage of completion,one back from paint,one built,one polished and ready to ship to paint, and one in the jig.the next bike is a 29 too! sorta blew out my left arm on wed.going up corral trail to kachina had been dislocating,but now it just wants to hurt alot.i have to take care of my arms unless i just wanna go around in circles one-armed. get to try out my new knee/ankle/foot orthotic tommorrow,i'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Garro on the Hand-bike with video

Here are some pics of Steve on Sunset trail from last week. Here is a video of Garro on the hand-bike. cheers, Troy

dirtrag double tt cruiser done!

50 hours of work,hand bent toptube and seat stays,built-in bottle opener.she's going to paint tomorrow!

pic for henry james

Sunday, August 06, 2006

today's pic,here's lookin' at ya!

how much can one guy pee?

struggling a little the last couple days,either i'm getting a bladder infection,passing a stone or my prostate is swollen.nothing like getting to be 90 when you're only 38.pissing like,every 10 minuites.hard to get things done! nonetheless,i'm coming along on troy's bike,a 29er.maybe i should change my name to "steve who pisses constantly and only builds 29ers" just kidding. sorta. also,big johnny from drunkcyclist,an all-around great guy,got hit by a car on lake mary rd. yesterday.he's as o.k. as you can be after an overnighter to the e.r.,i don't have clear details,but as soon as he can type i'm sure there will be an update on d.c.send him good karma.the guy attemptyed a hit-and-run but got caught is what i've heard so far.send him bad karma.keep ya posted, steve.

Friday, August 04, 2006

today's bike pic...

friday,lots to do.

got this friday off,no pt,i'm waiting for them to finish my new ankle-knee-foot orthodic,which i.m hoping will help with the tone i'm fighting with."tone" is where my right leg nears straight,it gets totally rigid.sometimes it takes 2 people to bend it back,and since that leg is 1" longer due to the left one being crushed,it's a total bitch to fight against and probally my biggest obsticle to walking. the dirtrag cruiser is done,i'm waiting to get the fork from vulture to send them both to paint.i'm really torn over the another fork from wade for troy's 29er,which i'm drafting out should seem simple after the double tt cruiser,[famous last words....] got the white industries parts for bryce's bike.boy,that stuff is shiny and smooooooth! check them out at the cranks are really great looking,totaly a box from paul at rock lobster,i have an on-going tubing swap with him and it's always cool to see what he's found from his almost 30-year stash to send me. hopefully troy will send me the armbike pics from yesterday so i can post them for all.gotta take a few days off from biking,yesterday i was tapped out! thanks for reading, steve.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

seat tube close up

secret trail 3 days ago

gettin' better!

a day "off"

iv'e got a day "off",which only means that i don't have to go to p.t.,get accupunture,go to some doctor,ect.just work and listen to tunes.gonna finish the dirtrag bike today.i have also reached critical mass on the shop,i cannot find anything at all,it's yardsale'd every where.went on one of the best arm bike rides yet yesterday,rode all the way up climb 3 and down sunset trail,all in about 3 hours.i ripped down sunset much faster then i thought i could! it was really fun.conditions were perfect,absolute velcro trails. then i went to p.t. in the pool,concentrated mostly on balance,trying to stand straight,it's pretty hard with 2 fusions in your spinal column.did pretty good,however.i can stand for like,45 seconds by myself with my arms over my head.sure couldn't do that back in nov. when i could only wiggle one toe.....the therapist is blown away by how active i stay.i guess alot of people just quit...gonna go armbiking with troy marino tomorrow,he's gonna get some good pics of ripping the arm bike so i can post them, talk to ya then, steve.