Monday, July 31, 2006

things are cookin'

got these cool photos from kristina today,they look great! she almost finished building bryce's 29er as well,hopefully the white will show for completion.i'll post photos when it's done.finished polishing the double toptube cruiser,as soon as i get braze-ons done i'll post it.i'll draft troy's 29er tomorrow,as soon as i clean the shop enough to see the tables.i'll also try to get some arm biking pics soon, so stay posted, steve.

kristina's bike in the woods

Sunday, July 30, 2006

mike's crossbike in the raw

grinding away

grinding away,literally.both grinding away at the sweet double top tube 29er cruiser i'm building for dirtrag magazine,which has tons of brass to polish.hope to finish mid week or so.also grinding away at trying to walk again,the hardest task i have yet i tried to walk down the driveway and back with my walker,but wiped out on the way back up,my right leg just gave out.made my back and my shattered femur really hurt.taking a rest from armbiking as well,going up dogfood and down schultz creek kicked my ass yesterday,and it's usually pretty doable.for those who have not seen an off-road arm bike,check out they are pretty nice,and let me get back in the woods to see my friends and the flowers.every rider we saw yesterday was on a coconino! enough for today,me and denise are making some tacos and it's time to eat.

kristina's sweet new rig.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

first attempt

steve here. so many folks have been trying to gey ahold of me and see how i am doing after the accident.if you have not heard about this by now,check out and check out "steve back in the shop" for details.been handbiking off-road alot,rode up waterline road yesterday to the tunnel and back down,it was pretty sweet.there were penstemmons,4 o'clocks and wild geraniums blooming,the dirt was tacky,it was cool and the one-off does great high-speed 3-wheel drifts through the turns. building frames as fast as i can,working on the double tt 29er cruiser right will be really sweet.i'll have some photos soon, i have to figure it out 1st.i'm healing well,thanks for all the support,i'll add to this soon, steve.