Tuesday, December 12, 2006

x-bike frame sold, sweet new window!

sorry, mimbres man, the frame has gone to an anonymous buyer....somebody is getting a damn nice x-mas present! also, some sweet fillets a put down today on michelle's bike. and i got an awesome stained glass window from jodi in virginia! she ownes a coconino mtb, and is getting her 2nd coconino soon, a road bike for the beautiful blue ridge mtns. thanks, jodi! nice work! steve.


mimbres man said...

Thanks okay Steve...I want a tour-cruiser anyway. Nice window!

Japhy rider said...

that's a very cool piece of stained glass, soon to be 2nd Coconino bike owner Jodi!

mimbres man said...

Updated my blog. I'll work on it more often.
Bring your LongHaul! Lots of warm water here! Now on vacation, plan to paddle this week.