Thursday, December 21, 2006

new frame, frame blocks, what's happenin'

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they just changed blogger around, so i hope this works out...just taking a break, having my afternoon pot oh coffee...well, o.k., it's only half a pot of coffee, but it's a big pot. gotta have some thing to wash the baclophen and lyrica down with. i find that your anti-spacmotics and your nerve meds go soooo much better with some franch roast! been super busy lately, got in one last armbike ride before it snowed up here, did moto/pipeline/dogfood/schultz creek. and was totally blown. can't wait to go again, getting sorta cabin feeverish around here. might go armbiking on sat. or kayaking at roosevelt lake next week. been working on getting some frame blocks made, they hold tubing while you work on it. response has been good, i think the first run will be sold before i even get them. also, gonna have a pic in the new patagonia catalog of my ugly mug building frames! boy, they will put anyone in those things! and, the 2nd time, too! seriously, this shows dawn kish can make anyone presentable! they send you a nice bonus for the pics, so it looks like we can get some new paddling got this frame back from paint, and i really dig the color with the gold flecks. it's going to zurich with a matching vulture cycles fork.{thanks, wade!} and, a pic of yours truly. lookin' pretty worked, huh! been a rough year.....thanks for reading, steve.


devin said...

Great color and sweet looking frame. You also have a drit rag review comming right? We got some snow and I am going to ski for a while got to do it before moving to wisconsin.. Yor looking good and it is great to see what you are doing, say hi to everyone..

Aki said...

Patagoniac, Steve! It will be nice to see you on their catalog. Anyway when did you
on it last time? I have collections of Patagonia catalogs since early days, so would like to check archives.


wolfy said...

How do you make the frame blocks? Just drill and slice? I also want to see a pic of that tube-bender in use.

My favorite is Coffee and Codine, second is coffee and Day-Quil.

Have a nice Holliday!


gnome said...

fugg that man, you're looking beautiful as ever senior!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the bender as well,