Friday, December 01, 2006

first sedona armbike ride {maybe ever}

went to sedona yesterday and did stutz/post trail as a sedona tryout. i'm sore! you can climb up impossibly steep stuff, or you are brawling with the rubble just struggling to scrabble along. good stuff! went down the "ditch trail" until the ditch got 12" wide and 5' deep and had to turn around, but was able to ride/scrabble out. burly! getting pretty strong! been building lots of bikes, probally realistically backed up a year. posted a shot of the armbike cockpit, folks wonder how it works. the black chest pad steers while you pedal, and the bars are for downhill. i made the h2o mount, and converted it to 7 speed, and put on the sweet bmx grips. i put thorn resistant slime tubes in all around, adding alot of weight to the rig, but flats really suck! later, steve.


wolfy said...

You ever take that thing off any sweet jumps?


mimbres man said...

Bad ass Steve!

Japhy rider said...

wow, sounds like you're having some fun out there. awesome! just thinking about what it'd take to do the stuff you're on, what happens if you start rolling backwards on a technical climb? do you have to make a quick hand change from the cranks to cover the brakes?


Aki said...

I tried once so know very well how hard to climb on your armbike even if it's a "orange". Like paddling out to surf on the board, so it will be good practice for sea kayaking, must be. Keep on, Steve!