Sunday, November 12, 2006

what's been going on?

sorry i haven't checked in lately, been really busy, and denise was in wisconsin and she took the camera.been doing pretty good, been trying to swotch nerve pain meds,and had some wierd side effects like tunnel vision and stuff yesterday, had to take a break from frame building, but managed to lay these sweet fillets before things got wierd! did a great ride 2 days ago on the arizona trail out by mormon lake, went from dairy springs to double springs, which is some damn sweet trail, as you can see, more used by critters then humans. the tarantulas are on their yearly treks to find mates, saw this guy on the ride, out trolling for chicks, only to probally get eaten for his troubles. barry ward and brian herzog stopped by with their bikes, barry was well armed as usual, all you need to survive-an ar-15 and a 1-speed! i'll have denise's birthday bike and bill fry's bikes back from paint soon, and i'll post pics as soon as i get them, probally mid week. thanks for carin' and readin', walked 10 minuites on the urban trail today with crutches! look forward to seeing you all! steve.


devin said...

hey,, what was going on in wisco??
Wily got bought by dean so now dean has ionic and wily.. we are going to wisco for t-day.. I got some cold weather gear coimming so I can ride there.. I heard from soulcraft still waiting on voodoo... keep kicking ass

Japhy rider said...

thought for a second that i was lookin at the Soldier of Fortune blog, nope, just some adventure bikers with a hang-up for 1-speeds. if anyone can rig a custom rifle scabbard, it'd be Garro.

spent this weekend jockyin' a new Stihl 260 PRO and 2 cords-o-heat. missed out on riding, but there's always tomorrow's commute-ion.

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