Wednesday, November 01, 2006

same color, two different bikes

a couple new rigs to share today. the bare frame is greg e's long travel 1-speed frame, built for a 140mm fork and some heavy use, moab style. the touring rig is eric s.'s, and will live here in flagstaff when it's not out seeing the world! the sweet color is "guacaloco". i'll be wrapping up bill f's tour rig that's going to zurich, switzerland, all it needs is braze-ons! been doing some arm biking as well, did weatherford/lookout trail the other day. real nice in flag lately, cool, clear, and not too windy. thanks for reading, steve.


aki said...

Beautiful badass SS frame, nice job for DT gusset and BB junction!
I had almost same guacaloco color old frame (some Osaka builder
made for my ex). I love those color as well, and now I'm rebuilding it.

Japhy rider said...

that's a tough lookin' frame! the dt gusset and tt sleeve are a sweet touch. 7" up front, horizontal rear dropouts - a SS? who ever rides that is gotta be an animal!

J. rider

wolfy said...

I want that bike in a 29er. Yeah. I said it.