Monday, November 20, 2006

new henry james access 65 jig with salient features

here's the basic features. i'll chuck some tubes in it and post more pics, steve.the build will be a 700c cross/touring rig, the tubeset shown is the entire bike on the full-size blueprint. tubeset is as follows: prestige dt and st, truetemper ht, hand bent 4130 tt, ths ss's will be made from the smaller tubes-hand bent s-bends, paragon dropouts and bb, hand made seat sleeve,and dedacciai zero-tre s-bend 30x16 cs's. all tools shown were included with the jig. going armbiking tomorrow, i'll post more on wed.,i got the d-outs on and the st fab'ed, so i'll do more assembly then. later, steve.


Anonymous said...

SWEEET!!! Is the TT support new, its not in the pics on the HJ website? Is there a notch or V in the ST support? What is the diff between 65 & 100 model (pls don't say 35)...

wolfy said...

That thing is awesome!

Can you do the curved top tubes concave-up rather than down?