Friday, November 17, 2006

just a bit of what's up!

howdy, all, i got about 4 people today tell be how stoked they are to read my blog, so i figured i better update it or folks would quit reading it! alot of folks have been asking how my rehab is coming along. i have been walking on crutches alot more.soon i think i will be strong enough to do most of my cruising around on them, but i still work in a chair. after the accident, i was so wasted that my first leg brace was a child's, alot of it is just getting back some muscle mass.also, my balance and co-ordination got really scrambled.but, if you consider that i got out of the rehab a year ago on nov. 18th and could only wiggle one toe,then it's easy to se how far i've come. i bottomed out at about 115lbs. in febuary and i'm at about 170 now.i finally got some custom shoes with a 1 1/4" lift on the left to accomidate the fact that my femur was busted in 20+ pieces. it helps alot! also got off one nerve pain med and on a different one that gives me more energy. denise says i'm back to my old fiesty self,and the pain seems more controlled, although i still have a couple of hours a day when i get uncontrollable foot spasms.{like right now} bad news on frames-fedex distroyed bill fry's x-bike frame, caved in the thick-ass head tube, and this especially sucks as he was coming from switzerland to pick it up. so, now i'm going through a claim with fedex. i insured the shit outta it, so i'm hoping for the best, but i still have to re-build it. should have denise's new curved toptube disc brake mtb together tomorrow, it's orange with matching chris king headset and hubs. i'll post pics tomorrow. got a couple more orders, i'm not even sure how many i have to build, maybe 15. denise is doing great, if you have not seen it, there is a post to her blog on the right, check it out. got a new metal roof, and skylights in every room, pretty nice. should have my seakayak soon, pretty stoked on that too. gonna go armbike climb 3/ upperbrookbank/ wienie walk tomorrow, i'll post pics of that as well, and some of me walkin' for ya'll as well! thanks for reading, i'll post more cool stuff soon, steve


Mr. Coe said...

thanks for yet another interesting update on your recovery process, steve. like many others, i'm one who has looked forward to your regular blog entries. keep writing!


mimbres man said...

Glad to read that you are progressing. When I saw you in July, I was thinking, "Boy howdy...not the same Steve." Good to hear you are back to your own self. The meds have had to been brutal, I am sure.
I've said it before..."You kick ass!"
When I was paddling my kayak last Sunday, I was thinking about you. You'll like it for sure. We had somewhat of a rough surf launch, nearly capsized because my paddling partner that day couldn't get in the boat (he was too tall and uncoordinated). I am sure you'll figure that stuff out. Launching and landing is surf is challenging. The LongHaul will be able to handle anything...even Cape Horn, if you're that bold (or crazy).

gnome said...

Right on Garro,
I'm always stoked to read about what you've got going on.

Anonymous said...

Keep going Steve G!

Love from the oven in Tempe...


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