Sunday, November 19, 2006

denise's bike, armbiking, and crutch walking.

new stufff as promised! denise's new bike looks sweet, huh? she's stoked! check out the matching chris king goodies.least i could do for her getting me through the last year... also, some pics from upper brookbank, and some walkin'. walked for 20 min. on the urban trail behind the house today, didn't make it too far, but further and further every time! thanks to all for the comments and replies, it means alot to me that you all still care and think i'm interesting enough to keep tabs on! steve.


mimbres man said...

Love that top-tube!
Matching the paint on Denise's bike to your One-Off is a classy touch!

devin said...

nice , you guys are luck to have each other....
nice job on brookbank.....

aki said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet bike, orange rules!
I really love orange bike as you both already know.
Mango Kings' are so tasty as well, these are yummy!
DKG should make seat clamp tange to much up;)

Matt Bradbury said...

Great to see you walking more and more !
I too love that curved top tube, definite pick on my 29'er when you get to it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of you on the crutches! I have always suspected that you are, in some ways, super human. This proves it. You rock, bro.


Keith Hughes said...

Steve, Glad to see you're getting around better all the time! Great bikes you're making too. Keep up the great work.


Japhy rider said...

bomber. BOMBER!!

Denise's bike is a beaut too, embodyin all the shred a curved TT rigid doublethrowdown Coconino Cycles trail bike possible.

typin' in from a Turkey Day road trip to the family's place in the Ozarks and very happy to hear you all are active and happy.

Oso says HI to Sally and Codi!

J. rider

Anonymous said...

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