Sunday, November 05, 2006

big ride up mormon mountain

just did a big armbike ride up mormon mtn - 1500ft. of climbing in 3 miles of single track! that's 1 foot in 10 and that's steep! mormon mtn is about 20 miles south of flagstaff, and is a great trail, totally unused, moist and covered with pineneedles. it's sorta cool to knock off first ascents and stuff. it was definately one of the most difficult workouts ever, my arms and neck were burning! the down hill was sweet, fast and rocky, got a flat and did a high speed rollover. the trail also bisects the arizona trail, see the pics, one goes to mexico, one to utah, almost 800 miles of trail! later, steve.


devin said...

You are still my Idol that is kick ass one that I never did while I was there....

Stay fast.,.....,.,.

Japhy rider said...

was that the section of the 2005 A to Z ride that we got rained out of? we were jipped! so stoked you got to shred it after all. i'll keep it on the to-do list.


mimbres man said...

Hope next summer you're not so busy and we can go for a ride (well I actually hope you stay busy). You kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve-

Awesome blog.. you look stuff...great photos. Give Denise a squeeze for me. Everyone is at Eb and Nicloe's having turkey dinner. Miss you gys.


Hello Uncle Steve-

You truley are the mutant if you can recover this fast!!!!!!! I hope to see you again. The last time we met was about......... 7 or 8 years ago. Well get well soon. You are the greatest.
(P.S.- awsome blog!!!!!!)