Wednesday, October 18, 2006

stephen barnes keepin' it real on his coconino!

just got this great pic of the most widely sited coconino rider in the west, stephen barnes. shredding the red rocks of moab. sweet pic courtesy of pete c. thanks, man! steve.


Japhy rider said...

right on Stephen Barnes! last time i saw that fella was at the 24 Hrs in the Sage in August. the Vulture and Coconino riders picked e/o right outta the crowd & rallied!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of him, but Ive been out a touch for an eon. Cool paint, reminds me of the second brodie repair I had when the painted it similar in maetallic and the paint pen graffity-ied it prior to clear coat. The two tone coconino should be a starnd option. Maybe like the old clown shoes form sidi.... oh ya, I blog now.