Friday, October 27, 2006

mike's bike

just thought i'd throw a quickie up on the blog, just got this pic from mike g. of charlottesville, virginia. he said she tracks sweet at 45mph in the blue ridge mtns! way to go, mike!


Anonymous said...

Steve, that is a very pretty looks so good! the curved top tube is kickin'! dont know if you read these comments, but if'n so-nomeansno gave a nice 2 hour set!

wolfy said...


It's so cool that you're reading our blog. I saw this this morning. I love the bent top tubes. I roll around on the McD's cocos every chance I get.


Japhy rider said...

that bike's a beaut! tracking sweet at 45?, wheeeew!

"rollin' 90
straight up hill
freight box full
loaded to the gills"