Sunday, October 22, 2006

first snow on the trails

first snow on the drylake hills! went up climb 3 and down sunset with denise, darol and the critters.darol said it was really hard, which was a good reality check as to how hard the rides i'm doing are.we knocked it out in a little over 3.5 hours. ripped down sunset FAST!! had to flip myself upright twice by myself because i had dropped everyone. sure is great to be out in the woods with the crisp fall weather. very few leaves left in the trees. winter is a-comin'!! steve.


devin said...


Looking great out there on the trails. snow huh.. we got a bunch not to exctied, want to stll ride.. Posted a pic of one of your last bike on my blog... Just damm glad that you are still around///...

mimbres man said...

Hey Steve!
I just noticed you have another guy on an armbike behind you (as usual)! Somethings don't change!