Tuesday, October 03, 2006

armbike ride to the inner basin

rode up to the inner basin with denise today, it was definately one of the peak aspen days we will have this year. started out at about 8000 ft. and rode up to 9800. it was quite a grind on the one off, but the down hill was super fast. smithers came down from truckee and we built hiw a double tt tour bike, i've got bikes in every stage right now, i'll post some bike pics tomorrow when i get a chance. pretty wiped out right now, hard for me to think/type. i'll post more later when i.m more together! steve.


ty said...

tell smithers hi. Truckee?

mimbres man said...

Congrats Steve on your Mark II. My dream boat, you lucky dog!

Japhy rider said...

where's the gun show?!

Aki said...

Oh! Leaves are golden yellow now, but I still remember the taste of spring water near these green shelter and shredding water line with you. Say Hi to the carpenter!

gnome said...

Yo Steve,
It was good seeing you in the IB. Beautiful up there. We hiked the pick-up-stick trail or whatever it's called and man was it sweet. I think this is gonna be a sweet winter.

the frames are looking sweet!

Anonymous said...

look at the pipes, brother!!! man, i was telling my students about you and how mtn. biking changed for me coming to flag, taking off on 25 hour bike rides around the peaks and such. they dug your story and the courage you embody. keep crankin'