Sunday, September 17, 2006

progress report

howdy, all. sunday morning at the garros.cookin' breakfast,getting ready to do some frame building, wheelbuilding, and bike assembly. gonna try to get troy's bike all together today,i'll post pics when it's done, it should be sweet. brian herzog's frame went to paint,orange with gold top coat,and greg eizans long travel 26" one speed is all brazed together,it will live in moab when completed,the stay pic is his bike in the jig. arm biked up climb 3 yesterday, then down upper brookbank,weinie walk and little gnarly.upper brookbank, was sweeet! i was able to rip down it pretty fast, including all the boulder drops,and conditions were perfect. the monsoons are officially over, the 2nd. wettest on record, 2 inches above "average".it sure felt like fall yesterday! totally clear skies,not a cloud to be seen.thanks to all who have been following my blog!! steve.

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