Monday, September 18, 2006

new bike pic, troy's 29er.

here's a couple of pics of troy's bike, we got it together today, he was pretty stoked. worked a bunch on greg eizan's frame, it should be done in a few days. checked out a pretty wild web site yesterday, ,a forum where "mentally interesting" people can compare their perscription drug experimentations on themselves with each other.i wanted to have some feedback on the drug experimentation i am being forced to do on myself. boy, there are some really mentally challenged people in our society!!! you should give this a look, some folks have some really interesting times dealing with day-to-day life. and, i learned some things about what i'm on for my nerve issues, some handy, some scary. still, i can't complain,i like my work, i can't really even call it a "job" although it pays me well and i have frames backed up till' june. my wife still loves me. i can go biking in the mountains, and i want to learn to sea kayak. my body cooperates a little more all the time. like i said, check out, you will feel better about your day! later, steve.

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