Friday, September 29, 2006

just some current news for ya'll

sorry, no new pics today, all the current frames are stalled out at paint due to the vegas bike show.right now i'm building bruce ledbetter's 29er, he resides in tempe,az. next will be bill fry's curved tt cross/touring bike which is going to zurich, switzerland.he asked that i document the build on the blog to check it out, so look forward to that in a week or so. at current tally i have 15 builds on line, putting me out to july. as well as arizona, i have bikes going to switzerland, virginia, colorado, new mexico, idaho, california and oklahoma. coconino cycles will also be exhibiting at the north american handmade bike show in march 2nd-4th, san jose,ca. doing well in therapy, walking on crutches a little more every time, working on all the fine motor control everyone takes for granted. flag has been smokey the last couple days due to the control burns, but you can still see that the aspens are changing up high. i hand biked meadow/schultz creek the other day and there were scattered patches of yellow. take it easy, steve


mimbres man said...

Enjoying the blog and pix! Greg's bike looks great! The gussets are very cool.
I am starting to save for a cruiser.

dRjON said...

hey steve! not sure if you'll remember us (trina and drjon from scotland, we met in downieville at the sswc...) anyways, i stumbled acorss this blog somehow and i am pretty stoked to catch up on what has been happening for you...sounds to me like you are rolling along just fine, on another journey to somewhere or other...

ill be reading and posting from now on, so all thats left to say just now is "SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOTLAND!"