Tuesday, August 22, 2006

nine months difference....

here's 2 pictures to show what i've been through since oct. 5th. one was taken yesterday, one was taken dec.18th. at garropalooza. big difference! took a few walks across the room on crutches today for the 1st time.pretty shakey at first,but better and better.slowly, slowly.....really thinking about sea kayaks,they might be the next touring method. always really wanted to tour baja!


daralyn said...

Yehhh, sea kayaking. Baja. Sweet.

vulture said...

Sea Kayak the San Juans too! Way to go Steve! You tough SOB. Saw your pic in BIKE and showed it to all the people at work, cool to see. Made me think of my last vacation when it snowed and we put the beam up in your shop> Looking good dude, thanks for the cds and mimbres man shirt!
Lots of cool stainless scraps at my new JOB
cheers, Vulture

sieberto said...

hey esteban,
when are you thinking about sea kayaking in baja? rino and i will be down there for the "un mil". maybe we can do some paddling around down there the end of noviembre.