Sunday, August 06, 2006

how much can one guy pee?

struggling a little the last couple days,either i'm getting a bladder infection,passing a stone or my prostate is swollen.nothing like getting to be 90 when you're only 38.pissing like,every 10 minuites.hard to get things done! nonetheless,i'm coming along on troy's bike,a 29er.maybe i should change my name to "steve who pisses constantly and only builds 29ers" just kidding. sorta. also,big johnny from drunkcyclist,an all-around great guy,got hit by a car on lake mary rd. yesterday.he's as o.k. as you can be after an overnighter to the e.r.,i don't have clear details,but as soon as he can type i'm sure there will be an update on d.c.send him good karma.the guy attemptyed a hit-and-run but got caught is what i've heard so far.send him bad karma.keep ya posted, steve.

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swiggco world said...

get used to it. Every night I get up about 3-6 times to pee. It's just part of the package. Nothing like getting older and having injuries. Cheers, Paul.